5 Things To Do Each Morning To Start Your Day With Intention

Life Your Life With Intention!

Do you live your life with intention? One of the best ways to start living with intention is to do these 5 things each morning.

Do you live an intentional life? Or strive to do so? One of the best ways to live your life with intention is to start each day with intention. You can simply and quickly create an intentional framework for your day by doing these 5 things each morning. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.  So, […]

7 Simple Steps to Write Your Family’s Mission Statement

Define Your Family's Core Values So You Can Live By Them

Create a Family Mission Statement in 7 Simple Steps - clarify your family's core values, goals, purpose, and guiding principles. Click to read more.

What are your family’s core values? You might have a good idea of the values you want your family to live by. But have you discussed these values as a family? Or better yet, have you written them down? A family mission statement is a terrific way to clarify your family’s core values, purpose, and guiding principles. […]

25 Ways To Embrace Rest For Your Mind, Body, and Soul This Summer

How To Make Rest A Priority!

We as a society have accepted that being “crazy busy” is a way of life. This summer, why not embrace self-care and rest? Here are 25 ways to do so. Join me?

We live in a relentlessly non-stop world. We as a society seem to have accepted that being “crazy busy” is a way of life. To keep up with our “crazy busy” lives, we work more hours, we don’t get enough sleep, we drink more coffee, and we exercise less. Well, if you ask me, that’s […]