25 Random Things About Me

(I created this list for a blogging course called Brave Blogging, enjoy!)

  1. I grew up in Las Vegas.
  2. No, I didn’t grow up on the Strip (but my mom was a blackjack dealer for a few years).
  3. I don’t like gambling.
  4. I watched Dirty Dancing at least 20 times as a child and memorized Baby’s part to recite to anyone who’d listen (mostly my siblings and my mom).
  5. I wanted to be an actress for a few years until my drama teacher told me I sucked.
  6. When I was in junior high school, I decided that I wanted to be a psychologist.
  7. When I was 20, I moved to San Diego with the ultimate goal of graduating from UCSD with a psychology degree (I didn’t have a job, was not accepted to UCSD, didn’t have an apartment, and had just enough money to cover about 2 months worth of living expenses).
  8. Somehow I was able to get into UCSD and graduate with a degree in psychology.
  9. I always wanted to live in San Francisco.
  10. When I was 26, I decided against applying for a Ph.D. program in psychology and instead decided to apply to law school.
  11. I spent 4 years of my adult life living in San Francisco (3 of those years attending law school).
  12. My husband and I were study buddies in law school (this may or may not have contributed to the fact that I was not an “A” student).
  13. Psychology is still a passion of mine.
  14. I trained to become a life coach in my late 30’s.
  15. My first blog was all about moms teaching their young children (it really took off in Egypt, go figure).
  16. I wore green colored contact lenses for 2 years during junior high school.
  17. I hate housecleaning (I hated it even as a child when I paid my cousin to clean my room).
  18. But I love to organize things in my house (it calms me down).
  19. I’ve suffered from anxiety and low-grade depression throughout my life.
  20. I tortured my family with my poetry in high school.
  21. I fed my sister an actual mud pie when we were little kids (she still remembers this experience).
  22. I became an atheist as a child when God didn’t move mountains for me, and an agnostic as a young adult after a psychology lecture about how our brains may be hardwired to experience God.
  23. I became a believer in my 30’s (during a difficult pregnancy).
  24. I’ve had 5 pregnancies (3 miscarriages and 2 live births).
  25. I love ice cream and reading (simultaneously, if possible).