5 Creative Gift Ideas to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

Show Him He Is Loved!

Are you guilty of having given your husband a practical gift for Father’s Day in the past? I’ve been guilty of doing this, too. Wouldn’t you rather give him a gift that will make him feel special and loved? After all, Father’s Day is all about dad, right?

Are you looking for gift ideas for Father's Day? You must check out these 5 creative gift ideas to make the dad in your home feel special this Father's Day!

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5 Creative Gift Ideas to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

Will you join me this Father’s Day in vowing to give the dads in our homes awesome and manly Father’s Day gifts?

To help you find the perfect and manly Father’s Day gift for the dad in your home, I’ve pulled together five fun and creative Father’s Day gift ideas. I’ve included a mix of gifts for every budget.

The “Handmade Gift.”

The “Handmade Gift” will make any dad smile. This is the classic DIY gift. The kids will love getting involved in this one.

Here’s a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • mugs with the kids’ handprints or footprints (really, anything with handprints or footprints will do!)
  • a popsicle stick photo frame
  • a LEGO picture frame
  • a Father’s Day photo book with children’s art
  • a manly Father’s Day card made out of metal or sandpaper
  • a superhero or Star Wars themed card

I’m particularly fond of cards that say things like “Dad, you are my father” or “walking in our hero’s shoes” or “My Dad is a Super Dad.”

If you want the handmade look but aren’t feeling particularly creative, you might want to try this family handprint frame that includes the paint and instructions for the frame.

If you need more inspiration, be sure to check out Pinterest. It’s my favorite resource for DIY gift ideas.

The “Experience Gift.”

My personal favorite type of Father’s Day gift is the “Experience Gift.” For a couple of years, my kids and I gave my husband tickets to a major league baseball game. You can’t go wrong with taking dad to see his favorite team play.

Other experience gift ideas include:

  • a family golfing (or miniature golfing) day
  • a camping trip
  • a bed and breakfast getaway
  • a foodie mini-vacation
  • a wine tasting excursion
  • a concert

Whatever experience you choose to give dad, he will be thrilled to spend time away with his loved ones. You can make it extra special for dad by including some things he can use on the trip, like a t-shirt with his favorite team or a new camping chair or backpack.

The “Manly Gift.”

Okay ladies, our men sometimes just want to be men. This is where the “Manly Gift” comes into play. Even though we cannot always relate to dads desire to brew beer, carry around a growler, chew on jerky, drink whiskey or hammer away, we are charged with making them happy this Father’s Day.

One great manly gift resource is Man Crates.  The Man Crate is the man version of a gift basket. These gift crates come filled with everything from golfing gear, grill master gadgets, micro brew kits, and man projects. What dad wouldn’t love to receive one of these manly and awesome crates of his own?

If you’re on a budget, why not make a man crate?

You can fill it up with dad’s favorites. Instead of a crate to hold the goodies, you could consider using a small cooler or a beer tub.

Or how about a portable grill to take camping or tailgating, like this Coleman? (We gave this one to my father-in-law last year and we’re borrowing it for our camping trip this year!)

Just don’t use a wicker basket. I hear that men don’t think they are manly enough!

The “Romantic Gift.”

Once the kids have gone to bed, you can surprise your husband with the “Romantic Gift.” He’ll probably feel tired after a long day of Father’s Day festivities with the kiddos, but he’ll liven up when you surprise him with one of these gifts.

Here’s a list of romantic gifts that you can consider for your husband:

  • give him a massage
  • have a glass of champagne and take a bubble bath together
  • make his favorite meal complete with his favorite dessert
  • share a bottle of wine and watch his favorite movie together (A wine subscription would make a romantic gift for your wine-loving husband!)
  • order take out, drink beer, and play scrabble
  • put on his favorite album and dance with him
  • surprise him by booking a babysitter and taking him out to his favorite restaurant

Try tucking the kids into bed extra early. Then tell your husband how much you love and appreciate him and all of his hard work as the awesome dad he is before surprising him with a special night together.

The “Youthful Gift.”

Another great gift idea for dad is the “Youthful Gift.” This is the retro gift. Try buying him something that will make him feel young and vibrant again. You could buy him his favorite album or book from his college days, a DVD of his favorite movie, a t-shirt with his favorite band, or some candy he loved when he was a child.

Another idea is to turn him into a superhero for the day. You could buy him a Superman or Batman t-shirt or even a superhero cape. Your kids will love seeing their dad dressed up as a superhero.

No matter what gift category you choose from this Father’s Day, the goal is to show dad that he is loved and appreciated. And a practical gift just won’t do! So this Father’s Day, join me in making our dads feel awesome and manly instead.

With Love and Joy,


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