5 Practical Tips To Read More Books This Year

Learn How To Make Reading A Priority!

Do you wish you had time to read more books? I love to read, but once I had kids, finding time to read turned out to be a real challenge. These five practical tips will show you how to intentionally make time to read (even with a busy schedule!), so you can finally make reading a priority in your life.

Do you wish you had more time to read books? These 5 practical tips will show you how to find time to read, so you can finally make reading a priority in your life!

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Set A Reading Goal

The first thing I recommend doing is to set a reading goal for the year. By intentionally deciding in advance how many books you can reasonably read each month, you’re setting yourself up for reading success.

Determining how many books you’ll read is the first step.  The second step is to spend a few minutes writing out your goal. Writing out your goal helps you to stay accountable in achieving it.

The way I do this is to create a reading list for the year. Then, each month I list out the specific books I plan to read.

For the last couple of years, my goal has been to read two books a month. This year I’m feeling a little ambitious, so I’m going to push myself to read a bit more. My goal for this year is to read 40 books.

Last year, I was able to read 36 books, so I’m encouraging myself to read a little more this year. But it’s still a reasonable number, so I’m not setting myself up for failure!

Schedule Time To Read

Another way to stay intentional about reading is to make reading part of your daily routine.

By scheduling time to read each day, you’re telling yourself that it’s an important priority in your life.

The way I do this is to have two dedicated reading times each day.

In the morning, I read non-fiction, typically I’ll read books about time management, goal setting, business strategies, or self-employment.

And then in the evening, I read for pleasure. I’ve made nighttime reading part of my weekly self-care planning routine. Pleasure reading helps me to unwind, destress, and relax for the night.

Read While You’re Waiting

The next tip to read more books is to keep a book with you at all times.

You never know when you’re going to get stuck in the slow line at the supermarket or the bank. How many times have you been trapped in line and you’re stuck scrolling through your Facebook feed for the umpteenth time?

Wouldn’t reading make that line much more bearable?

I also read for a few minutes when I’m stuck waiting in my van for my kids to get out of school.

Join A Book Club

Another strategy for finding time to read more books is to join a book club.

Book clubs have many things going for them. Not only do you get to experience a book with other people and talk about it (i.e., real adult conversation!), but there’s a deadline to motivate you to finish, and you get introduced to new books and new friends!

If you don’t think you can make a commitment to an in-person book club, Book of the Month is another option.

If you’re someone who has a hard time picking a book to read because there are so many out there to choose from, Book of the Month is the perfect solution.

Each month they send you a list of 5 books, and you get to choose one from the list to be shipped to you. You’ll no longer have to spend time perusing through Amazon reviews to find a good book!

Mix It Up

The last tip to motivate you to read more is to mix up your reading sources.

I believe that one of the greatest benefits of the digital age is that we can get information in many different ways.

Since reading is no longer limited to reading paper books, why not mix it up with a digital book, an audiobook, and a paper book?

I know some people don’t like digital readers, but I love my Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader and use it daily.

Audible is my other favorite resource for “reading” books. Cleaning the house and doing laundry are much more enjoyable when I can listen to a book at the same time.

You’ll almost always find me listening to an audiobook in the car while driving around town to run errands or on my commute home after dropping the kids off at school.

I also recently discovered that Audible has this cool new feature called whispersync.

Whispersync allows your Kindle and Audible versions of the same book to sync automatically. This feature lets you seamlessly switch between reading and listening to your book. How awesome is that?

I hope these 5 tips have inspired you to read more books this year!

Are there any other ways you find time to read during your busy schedule? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

With Love and Joy,

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8 thoughts on “5 Practical Tips To Read More Books This Year

  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s awesome how you mentioned about joining a book club. I’ll definitely follow these tips because I can not only read interesting books but also find new friends. I know now how to spend my next weekend.

  2. Great tips! I especially like #2 – Schedule time to read. That has been huge for me. I can’t tell you how many times moms have said to me, “I don’t have time to read.” My response is always, “I make time to read.” No mom has free time just sitting around waiting to be used. You have to make time for the things that are important to you, whether that’s reading, exercising, praying, etc.

    Wonderful advice. Will you be writing about the books you read this year? I would love to hear some of your recommendations!

  3. My mom was the master at this. She always had the goal of reading 52 books each year. To help motivate her, she kept a running record of what books she read and when she finished them. She kept past lists so she could refer to them. There were only a very few years that she didn’t meet her goal. She was a real believer in the power of reading and of reading in a wide variety of genres. I’m visiting from Inspire Me Monday and these are great tips.