5 Things To Do Each Morning To Start Your Day With Intention

Life Your Life With Intention!

Do you live an intentional life? Or strive to do so? One of the best ways to live your life with intention is to start each day with intention. You can simply and quickly create an intentional framework for your day by doing these 5 things each morning.

Do you live your life with intention? Start living a life of purpose by doing these 5 things every morning! Click to read more.

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So, what does living an intentional life mean anyway?

Living a life of intention simply means that you’ve set your intention for your life.

Live Your Life With Intention

In other words, you have spent time reflecting on what matters most to you and have defined your core values and beliefs.

These values and beliefs provide a framework for how you live your life.

(By the way, if you haven’t done so already, I’d recommend writing a life mission statement to help you define your values.)

There are 5 things you can do each morning to help you live your values. And, the good news is that these 5 things don’t have to take a lot of time.

Of course, you can take as much time as you want to complete these tasks. In fact, I often take up to an hour to complete them because I love to start my day this way.

But on those days when I don’t have a ton of time, I can easily get these 5 things done in 20 minutes or less.

#1 Start Your Day In Silence

The first thing I recommend doing each morning is to start your day in silence.

Meditating is not something I have always advocated.

For a long time, I didn’t see the value in spending time meditating when I could be doing one of a billion other things on my to-do list.

But, I kept hearing about all of the supposed benefits of meditation. So I finally decided I’d experiment with it to see if all the hype lived up to its promises.

If meditation could reduce stress, help me sleep better, improve my ability to connect with God, increase focus, and teach me how to be present (all things I fully welcome in my life) then I’m all for it.

So, I gave myself a month to practice meditation to see if I noticed any changes.

And, guess what? I did.

I started to feel calmer and more at peace.

And there are moments when I’m in the middle of the meditation zone when I experience the holiness of life.

Now, I know that this may sound woo-woo to you. All I can say is don’t knock it until you try it.

You might find it life-changing.

I meditate up to 20 minutes each morning. On busier days, I may meditate for just 5 minutes.

The one piece of advice I can give you if you’ve never meditated before it may take some getting used to.

There will be days when you just can’t seem to get in the mediation zone. And, that’s okay, with practice you will eventually get there.

#2 Pray or Journal

The second thing to do to start your day with intention is to pray or journal.

Spend a few minutes talking to God or writing a letter to him. I often do both.

Prayer can take many forms, but the important thing is that you are taking the time to put your worries, fears, and concerns into words. And that you are asking for God’s presence, help, comfort, and support in your life.

You are not alone. God is always with you. There is great comfort in this knowledge.

If you are not someone who writes out your prayers, I’d recommend giving it a try.

By writing down your prayers or journaling, you can release all of those worrisome thoughts swirling around in your mind and seek guidance.

By writing out your prayers you might just find that you gain clarity from above.

#3 Express Gratitude

The third thing to do each morning for an intentional day is to express gratitude.

A daily gratitude practice will help you to keep your focus on the abundance of life. We have so much to be grateful for, but it’s so easy to slip into a scarcity mindset.

We can easily get lost comparing ourselves to other people’s Facebook-perfect lives that we forget about what we already have.

So, keep a gratitude journal or write a list of what you’re grateful for each morning.

This daily gratitude practice will shift your mindset to one of abundance; it will train your mind to see life through this lens of abundance.

You might discover that you already have everything you need for a happy life. You just need to learn how to focus on what matters most.

#4 Get Inspired

The fourth thing to do each day to start your day with intention is to get inspired.

Inspiration can come in many forms.

Here are several things you can do to start your day inspired:

  • Work through a devotional
  • Read the Bible or do a Bible study
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Read or listen to an inspirational book
  • Write out an inspirational quote or verse
  • Read an inspirational blog

Just do something that inspires you. You’ll begin your day on a positive note.

#5 Review Your Day

The last thing to do each morning to start your day with intention is to review the day’s activities.

Reviewing your daily planner each morning will help you to keep track of your daily to-dos, projects, and appointments.

You can also write down your meal plan, health plan, projects/tasks, and household responsibilities for each day. By writing down what you intend on accomplishing in each area of your life that’s important to you, you are much more likely to get it done.

If you don’t already have a planner that will help you intentionally keep track of your day, you can request a free copy of my Daily Inspiration Planner and Journal by clicking here –>> Free Daily Inspiration Planner and Journal 

I’d love to hear how you start your day with intention.

Let me know in the comments section below!

With Love and Joy,

Do you live your life with intention? One of the best ways to start living with intention is to do these 5 things each morning. Click the image to learn what they are!

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  1. Those are some valuable tips, Cassie! Especially your first tip is underrated, I think. I love to start my day with at least half an hour of quiet me time, where I do yoga (but I want to start meditating too!) and it’s the best feeling. Bookmarked to remind myself on busy days…


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  3. I love the idea of reviewing your daily activities each morning. That is a fantastic way to refresh your focus for what needs to get done. Thanks for sharing all of your incredible tips with us at Merry Monday this week!