7 Activities To Help You Develop A Gratitude Practice (Free Challenge!)

Learn How to Turn Gratitude Into A Daily Habit

Do you have a daily gratitude practice? Did you know that a daily gratitude practice has been shown to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health? Read on to learn 7 simple ways to make gratitude a daily habit in your life.

Do you have a daily gratitude practice? Did you know that a daily gratitude practice has been shown to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health? Click to learn 7 simple ways to make gratitude a daily habit in your life.

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What Is Gratitude?

Well, if you look in the dictionary it says that gratitude is “the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.” (dictionary.com)

But, I like to think of gratitude as intentionally taking the time to appreciate and reflect upon what you’ve been blessed with in your life.

Why Practice Gratitude

If you are a person of faith (I’m a Christian), you know that gratitude is a central focus of the Bible.

In fact, all world religions include gratitude as a major component of their religious practice.

A gratitude practice is a vital self-care practice for your soul.

When you truly appreciate all that you have been given in this world, you will think, speak, and act with thanksgiving, humility, grace, and love.

 But even if you are not spiritual, practicing gratitude has been shown to have many benefits.

Scientific studies have proven that those who practice gratitude are happier. They report positive emotions, feel more joyful, sleep better, are more compassionate, show more kindness, have stronger self-esteem, and even have stronger immune systems.

Practicing Gratitude Makes You More Joyful

When I was reading, Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection, this quote on gratitude stood out to me:

Without exception, every person I interviewed who described living a joyful life or who described themselves as joyful, actively practiced gratitude and attributed their joyfulness to their gratitude practice.

I think the reason it stood out to me is that those who describe themselves as joyful people were able to pinpoint and articulate with precision the exact reason for their joyfulness – they practice gratitude.

Wow, that’s pretty amazing.

What about you?

Would you describe yourself as a joyful person?

Do you practice gratitude?

For me, there was a period when my answer to both of those questions would have been no. Although I pretended to be happy, I knew deep down that I wasn’t.

When I finally acknowledged that I wasn’t mentally where I wanted to be, I took action to figure out how to get to happy.

And that began with a morning spiritual practice that incorporated a daily gratitude list.

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7 Activities To Help You Develop A Gratitude Practice

If you’re ready to turn gratitude into a habit, here are 7 ideas to help you develop a gratitude practice:

  1. Practice Thankfulness At Family Dinner Time

    Go around the table at dinner and have each person state something that they are thankful for that day.

    We’ve done this as a family for a couple of years, and I love hearing what my children are thankful for each day. They’re 7 and 4, so we often hear some silly things, but it brings us all joy to share these thoughts. Plus, it’s helping them to develop a habit of gratitude as they grow up.

  2. A Gratitude Journal Or List

    Keeping a gratitude journal or list is a common way of practicing gratitude. You can simply keep a journal or write out a list of what you are grateful for each day. When you end your day in thanksgiving, you get better sleep!

  3. A Gratitude Board

    Similar to a vision board, you can keep a gratitude board.  A vision board is a board where you display images or words to represent your vision for your life. You visualize where you want to be, what you want to do, or what you want to have in your life. They’re used to help you maintain focus on a specific life goal.

    A gratitude board is a board where you’ll put images and words of things you are grateful for in your life. You can keep it somewhere in view to look at every day.

  4. Use A Gratitude App

    You can download a gratitude app to take pictures of things you’re grateful for or even to keep a digital journal.

  5. A Gratitude Bible Study or Devotional

    Going through a bible study or devotional focused on gratitude is a terrific way to practice gratitude. One that I’ve read and recommend is by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy.

  6. Write A Letter of Gratitude Or A Thank You Card

    Write letters to friends, family members, or others, to let them know that you are grateful for them. You can also make it a habit to send thank you cards to people to thank them. Or to thank them for their influence in your life.

  7. Gratitude Jar

    Keep a jar filled with pieces of paper where you’ve written down things you are grateful for in your life. You can continuously add to your gratitude jar and read one piece of paper a day.

Free Daily Inspiration Planner To Help Develop A Morning And Evening Gratitude Practice

If you’re ready to begin your gratitude practice, I invite you to request my (free) Daily Inspiration Planner and Journal. It includes sections for a morning gratitude practice and an evening thankfulness section.

You can request your FREE copy of the planner using the form below:

Do you have a gratitude practice? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

With Gratitude and Joy,

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