7 Easy Ways To Organize Your Christmas Morning

(And reduce the mess and anxiety of this joyous day!)

Christmas morning will soon be here. The big day our children look forward to all year long. The day we hope will be perfect for our kids. But moms, have you prepared for the frenzy of Christmas morning activity that will surely result in a huge mess? A Christmas checklist may help.

Christmas mornings can be messy. Christmas checklists can help. Check out this list of 7 ways to organize Christmas morning to help reduce the stress and mess of the most joyous day of the year.


Once the children wake up and realize that the big day has arrived, there’s not much you can do to stop or control the tornado of activity that is sure to ensue. But fortunately, there are some things you can do in advance so you can have a less messy and more joyous Christmas morning.

For goodness sake, without a plan in place, those stocking hung by the chimney with care will quickly be taken down and their contents dismantled.

The presents so carefully wrapped will be prematurely revealed as the wrapping paper is torn off in one fell swoop and spread throughout the house.

And the chocolate Santa your kids dreamed of the night before will surely be consumed in one sitting.

Find Ways to Reduce the Mess of Christmas Morning

Of course, we can’t control everything that happens on Christmas morning, nor do I think we should or could control everything. Christmas is truly about being present and experiencing the love and joy of being together as a family.

But there are some things you can do to help reduce the inevitable mess of Christmas morning. (You might also want to check out my Christmas Planning series for more Christmas organization ideas – 9 Weeks to A More Organized and Peaceful Christmas)

A Christmas Checklist of 7 Easy Ways to Organize Your Family’s Christmas Morning 

To help you this Christmas day, here’s a Christmas checklist of 7 ways to help reduce the Christmas morning mess and stress. Let’s choose to peacefully celebrate this precious day with our children.

  1. Have Your Garbage and Recycling Bins At The Ready. I recommend having a garbage bag, paper recycling bag, and bow saving basket at a minimum.
  2. Have Your Cameras Charged and Ready To Go. You don’t want to miss any precious moments by looking for your camera or wishing you had thought ahead to charge your phone or camera.
  3. Create Some Christmas Morning Rules. 2 rules my family will be reminded about on Christmas Eve are: (1) to take turns opening presents (this not only helps control the mess, but it also allows us to instill gift opening etiquette in our kids); and (2) setting limits on how many treats our kids can consume on Christmas morning. Spend some time creating some of your own family rules for Christmas morning.
  4. Have 3 Bags/Bins For Each Child (toys, clothes, books/miscellaneous). Have your child place their items in the appropriate bag/bin before moving on to the next present so everything will easily be put away later on. If this seems way too organized for your taste, try having just 1 bin per child!
  5. Make/Prepare Breakfast the Night Before. Think quiche, banana bread, yogurt with granola, hard-boiled eggs, and cut up fruit. These are all good and easy choices to prepare in advance.
  6. Make Room in Your Children’s Closets/Shelves, Etc. For Their New Things. Your kids can help with this by selecting some items to donate. Here’s a post I wrote earlier on the topic of cultivating a spirit of giving in our children.
  7. Take Baths or Showers the Night Before (and Have Everyone’s Christmas Outfits Out And Ready). This will leave more time to play with all the new loot after the mayhem of the morning is complete.

With a little preparation and organization, you can have a not-so-chaotic Christmas morning.

Are there other ways you can think of to help reduce the mess of Christmas morning? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

And don’t forget to check out my series – 9 Weeks to A More Organized and Peaceful Christmas – for more organization and planning tips this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!

With Love and Joy,


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11 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways To Organize Your Christmas Morning

  1. This year i have gotten rid of the nightmare for whoever gets the presants frome under the tree and having to rap so many. I placed them all in pretty sacks joined the sacks for one person by running a wide ribbon threw the loops and tied pretty bow. That way they can be all picked up at the same time.

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  3. #1 is a huge help. We actually have a box for paper/things that can go in the wood stove and then a trash bag for things that can’t. That makes life so much easier, especially in our small house. I’ve never thought about the bin per kid thing. That would have made Christmas so much easier when I was growing up in a family of 4 kids. #IdeaBox