7 Simple Steps to Write Your Family’s Mission Statement

Define Your Family's Core Values So You Can Live By Them

What are your family’s core values? You might have a good idea of the values you want your family to live by. But have you discussed these values as a family? Or better yet, have you written them down? A family mission statement is a terrific way to clarify your family’s core values, purpose, and guiding principles. Read on for 7 simple steps to create your family’s mission statement.

Create a Family Mission Statement in 7 Simple Steps - clarify your family's core values, goals, purpose, and guiding principles. Click to read more.

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A family mission statement may sound formal and you may even think that it’s unnecessary.

But taking the time as a family to have an open discussion about what’s most important to your family, and writing it down, is actually a lot of fun and a deeply rewarding experience.

If you’ve written out your own personal life mission statement, then you already know how valuable it is to create a mission statement.

Whether you’re a family of two, four, or ten, this special time discussing your family’s goals, priorities, and hopes and dreams is well worth it.

7 Simple Steps to Write Your Family’s Mission Statement

Here are 7 simple steps to help you write your family’s mission statement:

Step One: Make This A Special Event

The first step is to make this a special event.

You get to define what a special event is for your family. This might be having a family meeting when you’re on your family vacation to Hawaii or it might be ordering pizza at home and spending the night together as a family.

One way to make this event special is to give it a name. Tell everyone in advance that you’ll be having a family meeting where you’ll get to celebrate your family.

Step Two: Start With An Open Discussion

In Step Two, you’ll start your family meeting with an open discussion.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of creating your family’s mission statement, give everyone a chance to talk about what makes your family special.

Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

  • what do you love about our family?
  • what are some things you think other people would say about our family?
  • how would you describe our family?
  • what do we do as a family that you love doing?

If you have children, give them each an opportunity to talk about what’s most important to them. It’s empowering for them and priceless for your family.

Step Three: List Your Family’s Core Values

Once everyone’s had an opportunity to talk about your family, in Step Three, you’ll list out your family’s core values.

This is where you get to start getting more specific about what’s most important to your family. You can use some of the examples from Step Two to help you define your family’s core values. For example, you might say “what is it about our annual family vacations that you love so much?” The core value might be spending time together as a family.

It might be helpful to come up with your family’s core values by thinking about them in categories.

Here are some categories to help you brainstorm your family’s core values:

  • family (respect for each other, family nights, vacations, family giving, etc.)
  • faith (church involvement, time with God, praying, growing spiritually, the fruits of the Spirit, etc.)
  • community (giving back, volunteering time, generosity, friendships, etc.)
  • work/school (hard work, money values, working as a team, valuing education, etc.)
  • moral values (honesty, integrity, taking responsibility, standing up for what’s right, etc.)

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Step Four: Write Out Sentences Clarifying Your Core Values

In Step Four, you’ll take your family’s core values and write out sentences clarifying your core values.

This step should be a lot of fun. Your family will take the core values you defined in Step Three and write out sentences to represent those core values.

Here are some examples:

  • Our family speaks kind words.
  • The values of honesty, integrity, and compassion are important to us.
  • We love and trust God.
  • Our family takes care of each other.
  • We believe in serving others generously.

Step Five: Create You Family’s Mission Statement

In Step Five, you’ll take the statements from Step Four and create your family’s mission statement.

Be creative in coming up with your family’s mission statement. Some families use the letters of their last name to create sentences to form their family mission statement. Others use pretty fonts or colorful images to add to their mission statement.

The most important thing is that you include something from each family member in your statement. The final product is less important that the journey your family took to create it.

Step Six: Keep Your Mission Statement Somewhere Visible

Now that you have your family’s mission statement, in Step Six, you’ll keep it somewhere visible so you can refer to it often.

You might want to frame it and keep it in a room where your family gathers often. Another idea is to make copies for each member of the family. My kids love keeping their special documents in their nightstands next to their beds.

Step Seven: Review Your Statement Once A Year (or More)

In the final step, you’ll review your family’s mission statement at least once a year.

Make reviewing your mission statement a family tradition. Your family’s mission statement provides your family with a sense of unified identity, a shared vision, and meaning.

Think of your family mission statement as something that will grow as your family grows. Spend time reviewing it each year and modifying it to fit what’s most important to your family as your family grows and evolves.

What are your family’s core values?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

With Love and Joy,

Create a Family Mission Statement in 7 Simple Steps - clarify your family's core values, goals, purpose, and guiding principles. Click to read more.

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