20 Communication Tips For A Happier And Healthier Marriage

Advice To Help You Better Communicate With Your Spouse

Do you and your spouse struggle with communication? Try these 20 communication tips for a happier and healthier marriage. Your marriage deserves it!

Communication is vital for a healthy marriage. But it’s something so many of us struggle with in our marital relationship. Here’s a list of 20 communication tips for marriage to help you create a happier and healthier union. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.  This year my husband and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary. Sometimes it’s […]

5 Essential Items To Include In Your Weekly Meeting With Your Spouse

Keep Your Marriage Strong By Working Toward A Common Goal - Your Family

Do you have weekly marriage meetings with your spouse? A weekly check-in will help strengthen your marriage and keeps you both focused on your common goals. These are the 5 essential items that should be added to your weekly meeting agenda.

One way that my spouse and I connect on a weekly basis is through our weekly meeting. The weekly meeting is our time to check-in with each other, plan for the week, and work through any problems. Having an agenda to guide us through these meetings is critical to making sure that nothing slips through […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Marriage Strong During the Holidays

Learn Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Marriage this Holiday Season

Marriage is hard. It can be especially hard during the stress of the holiday season. Check out these 10 marriage tips for ideas on how to keep your marriage strong this Christmas season.

Marriage is hard. Let’s face it. Even the strongest marriages have their struggles. Building a life together takes hard work, commitment, the ability to forgive, the capacity to ask for forgiveness, and a whole lot of grace. During periods of high stress, our marriages often suffer. Since the joy of the holidays predictably brings the stress of […]

5 Creative Gift Ideas to Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

Show Him He Is Loved!

Are you looking for gift ideas for Father's Day? You must check out these 5 creative gift ideas to make the dad in your home feel special this Father's Day!

Are you guilty of having given your husband a practical gift for Father’s Day in the past? I’ve been guilty of doing this, too. Wouldn’t you rather give him a gift that will make him feel special and loved? After all, Father’s Day is all about dad, right? This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Thank […]

How To Maintain A Strong, Healthy, and Sexy Marriage

A Review System For A Your Marriage

How's the health of your marriage? Would you describe it is as strong? What about sexy? If not, you're going to LOVE this idea of a review system for your marriage!

Would you describe your marriage as strong? How about healthy? Or, what about sexy? I think for most of us married folks our hope when we took our vows on our wedding day was that we would have a strong, healthy, and sexy marriage for a long time. This post may contain affiliate links. But […]