How To Create, Set Up, and Complete Your Daily Review

Step 7: An Evernote Review System for Busy Moms

This is the final lesson in the “An Evernote Review System for Busy Moms.” Today, I am going to walk through how to complete your Daily Review.

Ready to get ORGANIZED? If you’re tired of feeling like you're always forgetting something, this BLOG SERIES is for YOU. This is the 7th Post in the Series called "An EVERNOTE Review System for BUSY MOMS."

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The good news is that you’ve already set up most of the items to review in all of the previous lessons.

You can find the other lessons in this series here – An Evernote Review System for Busy Moms.

The Daily review is something I recommend doing at the end of the day to set you up for success the next day.

This review should only take you a few minutes each day.

Each night you will review the items in your Daily Review List: 

The “Daily Review List” is a simply a checklist of everything you’ll need to review on a daily basis. You’ll go item by item until your review is complete. This list is kept as a note in your Daily Review Notebook in Evernote.

This is what my Daily Review List looks like.

Daily Review List:

  • To Process Notes (process new Notes in Daily Review Notebook as needed)
  • Weekly Meal Planner (move to next actions list or calendar as needed)
  • Next Actions List (review and update, add items to Calendar as needed)
  • Review and Revise Google Calendar
  • Daily Inspiration Planner (complete end of day sections)

Here’s a breakdown of the terminology:

  • To Process Notes:

To Process Notes are any notes that you have saved in your Daily Review Notebook throughout the day that you didn’t get a chance to deal with during the day.  (e.g., respond to an email, file a note in the appropriate notebook, add an event or task to the calendar or add an item to your next actions list).

Evernote allows you to create a default notebook so that every time you open a note it will save it to this notebook. This is great for when you are out and about and you think of something that needs to be done.

All you do is open up Evernote and jot it down, take a picture, or create an audio, and this item is saved in your Daily Review Notebook. You can also forward emails to your default notebook (or any notebook you designate) so that you remember to respond to it.

Then, at the end of the day, when you are going through your Daily Review you have all of these notes to be processed already saved in your Daily Review Notebook. You’ll then go through each one and process it as needed.

  • Next Actions List:

Next Actions are really just tasks that need to be completed. This is a running list of your tasks for the day that you save as a Note in your Evernote Daily Review Notebook.

You can add to this list throughout the day. Then, when you conduct your Daily Review, you will move these tasks to your calendar to be completed as needed.

I’m a big fan of having everything scheduled on my Google calendar for the next day, including appointments, tasks, and even daily self-care items, like daily quiet time, exercise, and reading time. You’ll have to determine what works best for you

  • Daily Inspiration Calendar:

You can read more about the Daily Inspiration Calendar by following this link

I found that keeping absolutely everything digital wasn’t really working that well for me. There were some things that I wanted to capture with a pen (pretty colored gel pens, of course!) and paper.

Things like a gratitude journal, a daily health check-in, and a nightly reflection and journaling weren’t best captured using a digital system. So I created this Daily Inspiration Calendar to help me capture some of these other things. 

I added this as one of my Daily Review items. You may have other things you want to add to yours, too, like a gratitude journal.

I also include a review of my meal planner so that I can add a grocery trip to the calendar if I’m missing an essential ingredient.

Finally, you’ll want to review and update your daily calendar to include any items you want to add from your Daily Review.

And that’s it! So let’s talk about assignments for this step.

Your ASSIGNMENTS for Step Seven:

  1. Create a Note Called “Daily Review List”: Create a Note in Your Daily Review Notebook called the “Daily Review List.” Include items you would like to review each day. At a minimum, it should include your To Process Notes, Next Actions List, and Calendar Review.
  2. Set Up Your “Next Actions List”: Create a Note in Your Daily Review Notebook called “Next Actions List.” This is your tasks list. I like to break mine down into different categories. The categories include the following: phone calls, emails/online, errands, shopping, to discuss with husband, miscellaneous, and future tasks.
  3. Determine Your Evernote Email Address: Figure out your Evernote email address and add it to your Contacts in your email service provider. You can find your Evernote email address using the instructions found by following this link. 
  4. Set Up Your “Daily Review Notebook” As Your Default Notebook: To set up your default notebook, use the instructions found by following this link.

And that’s it! After you complete your assignments for Step Seven, your Evernote Review System is set up and ready for action.

Congratulations! You did it.

I’m so excited to help get you organized! This system has really been a game changer in my life.

I feel much more in control of all of the little stuff that gets thrown my way during the week. And I don’t have to constantly worry that I’ve forgotten something. 

My hope is that once you’ve set up your system you can feel this way, too!

You are all set to lead a well-organized life that will greatly reduce the paper piles and daily stress. And, most importantly, it will allow you to focus on what’s most important to you.

I’d love to hear about your success in getting this system up and running in the comments section below.

And, please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments about setting up your Evernote Review System.

With Love and Joy,


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