My Completely Honest Review of MyFreezEasy

A Freezer Meal Planning System

Freezer meal planning has been part of my overall meal planning strategy for about a year now. When I first heard about MyFreezEasy, I was immediately interested in learning more. The promise of prepping 10 delicious freezer meals in about an hour appealed quite a bit to me. Here’s my completely honest review of MyFreezEasy.

Does the idea of prepping 10 freezer meals in one hour appeal to you? MyFreezEasy may be just what you're looking for. Click the image to read my completely honest review of MyFreezEasy.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I received a premium monthly MyFreezEasy membership. I am not being compensated in any other way by MyFreezEasy for this review.

Here’s How MyFreez Easy Works:

MyFreezEasy is an online membership site created by Erin Chase of $5 Dinners. For a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee, you get eight freezer meal plans to choose from each month. Each meal is designed to feed a family of four.

Seven of the meal plans have five freezer meals included. There are meal plan options for different dietary needs. Erin has included gluten-free, clean eating, slow cooking, all chicken, all pork, all ground beef, and traditional meal plans.

You end up with 10 meals with each of these plans because the instructions double each recipe.

There’s also a 20-meal plan option for the more ambitious freezer meal prepper.

From the site, you can print the instructions, which include:

  • The recipes and instructions
  • A complete shopping list by recipe
  • A complete shopping list by store section/category
  • Freezer meal prep day shopping list by recipe
  • Freezer meal prep day shopping list by store section/category
  • Meal assembly instructions
  • Pre-cook and chop instructions
  • Assembly by recipe

Erin also includes labels to print out for each meal. I forgot to print out the labels and handwrote them on the freezer bags. It would have been much easier if I had just printed the labels provided on the site.

One thing I love about MyFreezEasy is that Erin includes videos with tips and tricks for each meal plan. These videos are just a few minutes long but are super helpful to show you how to save time when prepping your meals.

For the traditional meal plan, she has a full hour video where she walks you through the entire preparation of 10 meals. For the beginner, this is invaluable.

My Experience With MyFreezEasy

For my review, I chose the clean eats meal plan. The meals include in this meal plan were skillet Jamaican pork chops, 40 garlic chicken, apple chicken lettuce wraps, chipotle chili, and sunshine salmon.

My Shopping Experience

I did all of my shopping the night before after my kids went to bed. I took the full printout of instructions with me to the store. But the only sheet I ended up using was the “freezer meal prep day shopping list by store section/category” printable.

Just a side note – While I was shopping, a fellow shopper was intrigued by the instructions and stopped me to ask me where I got all of the recipes. I told her about MyFreezEasy, and she was excited to check it out.

All of the ingredients were easy to find except for the eight bone-in split chicken breasts. I substituted boneless chicken breasts.

My Freezer Prep Day

On my freezer prep day, I wanted to test whether I’d be able to prep 10 freezer meals in one hour. I started at just before noon and had to leave at 1 to pick up my son from school.

I started by putting all of the ingredients on the counter and putting the pans I would use on the stove.

My Completely Honest Review of MyFreezEasy

Next, I started browning the ground chicken while I cut up the produce. While I was prepping the produce, I realized I had forgotten to buy the red bell peppers the night before. I considered going to the store but decided I’d just have to pick them up after I got my son so I could continue testing whether I could get this done in an hour.

My Completely Honest Review of MyFreezEasy

I prepped the pork chops and chicken breast meals in just a few minutes. Once the ground chicken was browned, I set aside to cool and started browning the ground beef.

Once the meat was cool enough to add to the freezer bags, it took just a few minutes to finish assembling everything. Minus the red bell peppers, I finished in 50 minutes — not too bad for prepping 10 meals! Prepping the bell peppers would have added about 5 minutes, so prepping the meals was definitely doable in one hour.

My Completely Honest Review of MyFreezEasy

There are not too many things more satisfying than having a freezer full of freezer meals!

Here’s what I love about MyFreezEasy:

  • It’s so easy to use. You simply pick your meal plan, print the instructions, shop using the shopping list, and prep the meals in one hour.
  • You save a ton of time. If you’re a seasoned meal planner, you may already have a system in place. But for the new or intermediate planner, you’ll save a lot of time since the recipes, shopping lists, and instructions are all done for you.
  • The website is easy to use. Erin has done a fabulous job with the site. It’s easy to navigate,
  • The meal selections are family-friendly. The meals are simple, the ingredients are easy to find, and they are designed with picky eaters in mind.

Here’s what I didn’t love about MyFreezEasy:

  • They need an app! I would love it if there were an app for MyFreezEasy that I could use when I do my grocery shopping. I’m not a big fan of having to print out so much paper, but all in all, this is a pretty minor issue.

      UPDATE: They now have an app!

  • I didn’t love all of the recipes. Even though I didn’t love all of the recipes, I was impressed that two features are included that allow you to customize the meals. One option allows you to swap recipes in the current month’s meal plan and print out your new meal plan. The second option allows you to create a custom meal plan, determine the number of servings, and print it out each month. This feature is perfect for large families and picky eaters.

So, would I recommend MyFreezEasy to a friend? I’d absolutely recommend it for anyone just getting started with freezer cooking or looking for a way to save time with freezer cooking.

With the easy to navigate website, the ability to customize the meal plans, the comprehensive instructions and recipes, the printable labels, and the fact that you can prep 10 meals in less than an hour, this is a meal planning product that I will continue to use.

With Love and Joy,

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  1. There is an app! I love it and use it all the time. I like selecting recipes I know my family will like instead of the group of them. I often pull up the app before running into the store and then I can quickly decide what I’m going to have for a few nights at a time. Thanks for linking up to #HomeMattersParty