How To Easily Organize Your Mornings With Children

So You Can Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day

“Hurry up,” “we’re going to be late,” “where did you put your shoes” was the refrain of the morning as I clumsily rushed my children out the door each day. After dropping them off at school, I could physically feel my heart rate slowing to its normal speed. Mornings were a mess! Does any of this sound familiar to you?

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Yes, mornings used to be a huge mess in my house.

I woke up when the kids woke me up. This meant that I often had to skip my first thing in the morning shower and focus on getting them fed, dressed and out the door to their respective preschools, all while racing full speed ahead.

Then I would rush back home and jump in the shower for 5 minutes while trying to remember whether or not I had a morning appointment that day. On my way to work, I often realized that I (again) forgot to eat breakfast and occasionally found that I was still wearing my slippers.

I knew that something had to change.

The anxiety I felt in the mornings was showing up in the way I talked to my children, and in the way they saw me behave in the mornings.

At one point, I even considered taking Xanax. But I just couldn’t rationalize taking medication for my self-imposed anxiety-producing lifestyle. Enough was enough.

It was time to make some serious changes to my behavior. So I made it a New Year’s resolution to organize my mornings and develop new, healthier morning habits.

My primary goal was to add in a little breathing space so I could enjoy and love my children as they deserved.

The best thing you can do to organize your mornings is to first come up with a clear picture of what you want your morning to look like.

What I found is that the best way I could organize my morning was by starting with the end in mind. If you’re ready to make some changes to your chaotic morning, then take out a piece of paper and a pen or open up your computer and start writing.

Visualize your ideal morning and write out exactly what it would look like.

My list looked something like this:

  • kids up at least one hour before leaving the house
  • kids outfits picked out in advance
  • breakfast ready for the family before the kids come downstairs
  • my workout completed before the kids wake up
  • email checked before kids wake up
  • lunches made before kids wake up
  • load of laundry
  • bible study/pray first thing upon getting up
  • create a daily calendar of events for kids

Yes, that’s a lot of stuff to accomplish. But I was determined. Clearly, I could not wait to wake up until after my children woke me up in the morning if I wanted to get any of this done. It was also clear that I had too many expectations for what I could accomplish in the morning.

Organize your morning tasks by things to do a week in advance, things to do the night before and things to do in the morning.

The only way to have the kind of morning I envisioned was to start planning in advance. I realized there were some things I could do at the beginning of the week, some things I could do the night before, and some things I had to leave for the morning.

My revised list looked something like this:

  • kids up at least one hour before leaving the house
    • Night before – set alarm clock in my son’s room
    • Morning – gently wake them up if still sleeping after alarm clock goes off
  • kids outfits picked out in advance
    • Week before: Have daily cubbies for the kids’ clothes and fill them up on Sunday night. This little change has been a huge breakthrough for us. We bought these cute and inexpensive closet organizers on Amazon, and they’ve saved us loads of time getting dressed in the morning.
  • breakfast ready for the family before the kids come downstairs
    • Night before/morning: I try to do this in the morning before the kids get up since it’s more likely my picky eaters will eat their breakfast if there’s food ready for them to eat – but some things, like hardboiled eggs or banana bread, can be made the night before
  • my workout completed before the kids wake up
    • Night before: Decide which workout I’m going to do so I can anticipate the time commitment for my chosen workout
    • Morning: Set my alarm for 5:00. This is the most challenging for me because of the time commitment – I have to get up when my alarm clock wakes me up at 5:00 or else I forfeit this important part of my day
  • lunches made before kids wake up
    • Week before: plan lunch meals for the week
    • Night before/morning: depending on what’s the lunch plan, prep the night before or pack in the morning
  • load of laundry started in the morning
    • Night before: start a load before dinner and put in dryer after dinner, and fold if not too tired
    • Morning: finish up the load in the morning if needed
  • bible study/pray first thing upon getting up
    • Morning: this is a priority, it’s my morning refresher, so I can get centered on what’s really important first thing in the morning and pray for guidance over the day’s decisions
  • review email and daily calendar
    • Night before: this is something I can do at night and have implemented as part of my daily review, and it helps to know what to expect the next day in organizing my mind for the next day’s activities
  • create a daily calendar of events for kids
    • Night before/morning: After reviewing my daily calendar, I create a chalkboard calendar/checklist for my 5-year old son, so he knows what to expect of the day ahead

With these little tweaks in how I organize my mornings, I’m no longer choosing chaos in the morning.

This doesn’t mean that our mornings are perfect or that we always follow this plan to a tee, but it does mean that we have a built-in framework to return to even if we have an off day.

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Have you already organized your mornings? Do you have any morning organization tips you could share?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

With Love and Joy,


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3 thoughts on “How To Easily Organize Your Mornings With Children

  1. I had a season of life where i was able to wake up before my kids every day and i loved it! The thing that helped me a ton was to find something i wanted to have time for during the day, and treat myself to it when I’d wake early. For me it was creating a book of our family pictures to print. It was a quiet activity and so i didn’t worry too much about waking my kids. Can’t wait to get back into a good early morning routine! Thank you!

  2. Cassie – thise are great suggestions! I am going to adopt them. Even though we homeschool, I’m going to make lunches so we are not cleaning the kitchen and prepping our lunch time meal in the middle of our school day. That can sometimes take up to an hour depending on what we make! Love this post! Thank you :). Blessings to you Beautiful!!!
    Suzette 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Glad you found something useful. There really is so much time you can save by prepping in advance!