How To Set Up Your Evernote Monthly Review

An Evernote Review System for Busy Moms

This is the 6th post in my series “An Evernote Review System for Busy Moms.” Today, we’re going to discuss how to set up your Monthly Review in Evernote. By now you should already have your monthly review items set up as Notes in your Evernote Monthly Review Notebook. This lesson will walk you through setting up the review items you’ll want to include in your Monthly Review Notes.

Ready to get ORGANIZED? If you’re tired of feeling like you're always forgetting something, this BLOG SERIES is for YOU. This is the 6th Post in the Series called "An EVERNOTE Review System for BUSY MOMS."

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This week I want you to work on two action items – (1) calendar time once a month to complete your monthly review, and (2) set up the review items in each of the notes you’ve created in your “Monthly Review” Notebook.

1. Create a Recurring “Monthly Review” Event on Your Calendar

As I’ve said before, to be successful you must commit to your new system. Just like with your “Weekly Review,” you must create a monthly recurring event on your calendar called “Monthly Review.” Your monthly review should take you less than an hour.

I combine my monthly review with my weekly review for that week. The double review typically takes me about 1-2 hours. This review is scheduled for early on the last Saturday morning of each month.

So go ahead and open your calendar, pick your day and time, and set up your recurring “Monthly Review” right now.

2. Set Up Review Items In The Notes You Created In Your Monthly Review Notebook

This part is pretty straightforward. You already have your notes created, and they are saved either numerically or alphabetically. Now you’re going to spend some time going through each note and adding in the items that need to be reviewed on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.

Below, I’ve listed out some items that I include in my monthly review notes to help get you started. Of course, your list is going to differ depending on the items you’ve decided to include in your monthly review.

Monthly Calendar Update

  • I review and revise recurring events as needed
  • This is where I take a look at my calendar and decide what’s working and what’s not (e.g., I might move my monthly review from the last Saturday of the month to the 2nd Saturday of the month)

☐Car/Home Maintenance/Projects

  • Home Improvement Projects
  • House Maintenance Schedule
  • Car Maintenance Schedule
  • Wash Cars
  • Car Emergency Kit – check annually
  • Home Emergency Kit – check annually

☐Date Night Planning

  • Ideas for date nights
  • Calendar date nights
  • Make reservations
  • Find babysitters

☐Family Business Planning

  • Budget Review (I highly recommend and use You Need A Budget – once you’ve set up your budget, it only takes about 20 minutes a month to upload and review your monthly bank account transactions)
  • Review Savings Goals
  • Calendar Family Business Review Meeting with your spouse or partner (this is where you review your budget and savings goals and check in with each other to discuss any other financial needs of the family)
  • Monitor recurring payments
  • Pay Bills as needed (I usually also look at this in my weekly review so this is usually a review of my recurring payments)
  • Password Tracker (we use 1 Password to keep track of our passwords)

☐Party Planning (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.)

  • List out birthday and anniversary parties
  • List other parties
  • Keep to-d0 lists for each party – party supplies, rentals, guest lists, invitations, gifts, food, etc.
  • Calendar or add to daily review as needed

☐Hospitality Planning

  • Keep a list of people you’d like to invite over for brunch, dinner, game night, movie night, etc.
  • Send out invitations
  • Calendar dates when you’ll host
  • Meal ideas

☐Kids – Book Lists

  • Review and revise book lists for kids
  • Reserve books at the library
  • Calendar time to pick up or return library books

☐Kids – Classes/Therapies/School

  • Keep a list of ideas for afterschool activities, therapies, summer camps
  • Register as needed
  • Calendar as needed

☐Kids – Places to Go!

  • Keep a list of ideas for outings with kids (hikes, museums, parks, zoo, etc.)
  • Calendar 2-4 outings a month

☐Volunteer Work

  • Keep a list of volunteer ideas
  • Keep a list of volunteer obligations
  • Calendar as needed

☐Sunday School Activities

  • Keep list of responsibilities
  • Keep to-do list and add to daily review as needed
  • Calendar dates as needed

☐Church Leadership Activities

  • Keep a list of responsibilities
  • Keep a to-do list and add to daily review as needed
  • Calendar dates as needed

☐Moms Group Activities

  • Keep a list of moms groups
  • Review upcoming activities
  • Calendar as needed

☐Personal Care for Family

  • Create a list of personal care appointments for each family member: doctor, dentist, optometrist, hair cut, etc.
  • Schedule appointments as needed
  • Calendar appointments as needed
  • Keep list of prescriptions/OTC medications/vitamins/supplements – order or add to daily review as needed to purchase

☐Personal Care for Self

  • Exercise
  • Personal Enrichment Classes
  • Books/Magazines to borrow from library or buy
  • Schedule outings with friends, mom’s night out, etc.
  • Schedule or calendar Mani/Pedi, etc.

☐Travel Ideas/Planning

  • Keep a list of travel ideas
  • Keep a list of potential travel times
  • Review and book airfare, hotels, car rental, etc., as needed
  • Calendar time to confirm reservations as needed

Some Final Thoughts on Setting Up Your Monthly Review

Yay! You’re almost done setting up your Evernote Review System. You are on your way to having a system that will bring calm to your chaos. I’m so proud of you.

Once your monthly review is set up, you are ready to complete review. During the day and time you’ve calendared, open up your Monthly Review Notebook and start reviewing your Monthly Review Notes one by one. It’s that easy!

The next post in this series will be the last one. We’ll focus on setting up and completing your Daily Review. Until then, please let me know if you have any questions or need guidance in setting up your monthly review.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

With Love and Joy,


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