How A 90-Day Personal Planning Retreat Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Learn How to Realize Your Dreams By Focusing On What Matters Most

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? Each year, millions of people set New Year’s resolutions, but only a small fraction of them achieve what they set out to do at the beginning of the year. Do you want to know what the people who achieve their goals all have in common?

Setting goals is one thing. But putting in place a step-by-step plan to achieve those goals is what will set you on the path to realizing them. A 90-Day Personal Planning Retreat is part of the goal-achieving process. If you’re curious to learn more, click through to read this post (and request FREE worksheets)!

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What the people who achieve their goals all have in common is pretty simple. They have a clear, written plan for how to achieve their goals.

But the other thing they have in common is a system to regularly review them.

You see, the thing about setting goals is that it’s not a one-time event, it’s a process. And, it’s a process that took me years to learn.

Getting Crystal Clear On Your Goals

One of my New Year’s resolutions for more years than I care to remember was to start exercising regularly. I spent more time thinking about exercising and coming up with excuses why it wasn’t the right time than I did actually exercising during those years.

And when I became a mom, achieving exercise goals felt impossible.

But so did many of my other goals. Eating healthy, drinking more water, and reading more are others that come to mind. These goals seem so simple to do, but breaking old habits and replacing them with new, healthy habits is no easy feat.

It wasn’t until I got crystal clear on my goals, started writing them out, and breaking them down into bite-sized steps that I was able to make real changes in my life.

But what I’ve learned over the years is that I need a system to regularly review my progress. This is how I keep the momentum going to achieve them.

Personal Growth Goals

I created a set of Personal Growth Plan printables last year. These printables are based on my training as a life coach, the countless personal development books I’ve read, and my personal experience with setting goals.

These goal-setting printables have helped more than fifteen thousand women set personal growth goals based on what matters most, create a plan to achieve them, and devise a system for implementing and regularly reviewing them.

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I even created an online course called How to Create a Personal Growth Life Plan to teach my goal-setting system.

In the course, I teach my students how to create personal growth goals for the year based on their personal growth life plan.

The course is only open a couple of times a year (if it’s not currently open, you can request to be notified when it reopens using the link above).

Part of what I teach in the course is the importance of reviewing your personal growth goals throughout the year. My favorite way to stay on track of my goals is to have a 90-Day Personal Planning Retreat.

What Is a 90-Day Personal Planning Retreat?

A 90-Day Personal Planning Retreat is a retreat that you take by yourself once every quarter to check in with your progress in achieving your personal growth goals.

The retreat can take place anywhere you want. Your home, a coffee shop, a library, or somewhere more remote. The location is less important than what you accomplish at the retreat.

Find a place where you can concentrate. You’ll be reviewing your goals, spending time reflecting on what’s working and what’s not working in your life, and planning for the next 90 days.

The reason I recommend a 90-day retreat is because 90-days is enough time to have made some real progress on your goals. But not too much time has passed that you’re no longer invested in following through with your goals.

It’s much easier to get back on track when you’re intentionally taking the time to review your goals at least every 90-days.

What Do I Do At My Personal Planning Retreat?

The reason I call this a retreat rather than a review day is because the best way to plan for your future is to spend some time in reflection.

My personal planning days include the following four elements:

  1. Rejuvenating Activity: I start and end my retreat with a rejuvenating activity. For me, I like to meditate, pray, and journal. Some other rejuvenating ideas are yoga, going on a reflective walk, and reading the Bible.
  2. Written Reflection: Before I review my progress with my goals, I sit down and do a brain dump. This can be as simple as taking a piece of paper and writing down everything I’ve been thinking about as it relates to what I’ll be reviewing during the retreat.
  3. Review of My Personal Growth Goals: For my review, I take out my personal growth life plan binder and review my progress with my goals and my habit tracking charts for the last three months. I also take a look at any limiting beliefs that might be holding me back from making progress in my goals.
  4. Planning for the Next 90-Days: Based on my review, I make revisions to my personal growth plans and set new goals.

Because life can get so busy, I calendar my 90-Day Personal Planning Retreats at the beginning of the year. This is my way of prioritizing them in my life.

Sometimes I need to reschedule my retreats as life events happen. But since it’s already on the calendar, I can easily reschedule it. I make it a priority to do so.

Have you ever done a personal planning retreat? I’d love to hear your thoughts about personal planning days in the comments section below.

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