7 Helpful Tips for Extroverted Parents Raising Introverted Children

Learning to Love the Quiet

Are you an extroverted parent raising an introverted child? This helpful article, written from the perspective of an introvert, is filled with practical advice so you can better love your quiet child.

As a child, I would almost always choose to stay home and curl up with a good book over attending a party or going out with friends. This is still the case today. Some things never change. And that’s because I’m an introvert. As an introverted child, I loved spending time with my family and friends, but […]

7 Coping Strategies for Introverted Parents Raising Extroverted Children

Finding Quiet in the Loud

Are you an introverted parent raising an extroverted child? If so, this article is a must read. You'll learn coping strategies and discover ways to find much needed alone time to recharge.

Are you an introverted parent raising an extroverted child? Bless you, dear mom, you must be exhausted. You see, I know you’re exhausted because this is my life. As an introvert, my world was turned upside by the birth of my extroverted firstborn. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I knew I was […]

FREE Online Conference for Moms – Oct. 11-13, 2016

Training for the Best and Hardest Job in the World!

Want some help becoming the mom you REALLY want to be? Join me for THE MOM CONFERENCE October 11, 12 & 13th, featuring features 20 amazing speakers.

Today, I wanted to tell you about an online conference designed just for moms. And, the good news? It’s totally FREE! This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. You are welcome to read my terms of use policy. It’s appropriately named The Mom Conference! This free three-day online event features some truly amazing […]

How To Create A Hassle-Free Homework Routine That Works

Learn Homework Habits That Will Motivate and Organize Your Kids

Back-to-school means homework time. A homework routine is essential. Read on to learn organization strategies to help your kids form homework habits that stick.

Do you struggle with getting your kids to complete their homework assignments? If homework time feels more like battle time, it may be time for a homework routine makeover.   This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. You are welcome to read my terms of use policy. When my son started kindergarten and […]

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy This Summer

Start a Summer Health Routine For You and the Kids!

What are you doing to keep your family healthy this summer? These 5 simple tips will keep your kids (and you) healthy this summer!

When I think of summer as a kid, I get nostalgic remembering the long days I spent at my grandmother’s pool, eating watermelon, playing with my cousins, and snacking all day long. When we weren’t swimming, we were outside running free in the neighborhood with our friends, having water balloon fights or playing at the […]

10 Ways to Limit Technology in Your Home

Strategies for Kids and Parents!

Is your family experiencing technology overload? If so, it might be time to implement some limits on technology in your home. These 10 practical tips made a huge impact on creating a healthy balance of screen time for my kids (and for me!) at home.

We are a nation of technology addicts. The ability to connect with anyone at anytime and anywhere has made us chained to our devices at all hours of the day and night. While I believe that this ability to connect with others at any time is a blessing of modern technology, it can also be […]

What To Do When You Are The Mother To “THAT Kid”

(Hint: Running Away Is Not An Option!)

We've all had moments of overwhelm as moms. But what do you do when your kid can best be described as "THAT kid?" A must read for any mom!

There was a time when I would get a lot of anxiety about being out in public with my very active (loud, rambunctious, overly silly, and often mischievous) children. My older one, in particular, is often the source of my internal anxiety when out in public. He is often “THAT kid.” This post may contain […]

3 Easy Ways To Sneak In “Mommy and Me” Time Each Day

So Your Kids Can Become Secure and Well-Adjusted Adults

Finding ways to spend quality time with your kids each day can be challenging in our already overscheduled days. Here are 3 ways you can sneak in this precious “mommy and me” time each day.

Finding ways to spend quality time with our children each day can be challenging in our already overscheduled days. But making time in your day for this precious “mommy and me” time is critical to your child’s sense of belonging and significance. This post may contain affiliate links. When it comes to spending time with […]

5 Tips To Jumpstart Teaching Financial Wisdom To Your Children

Raising Money Smart Kids

How are you teaching your children to UNDERSTAND and MANAGE MONEY? Learn 5 tips to help you jumpstart teaching financial wisdom to your kids.

Many of you have heard the verse from Proverbs that reads: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6, NKJV). I believe that a significant part of this training should include teaching financial wisdom to our children while they are […]

5 Ways To Discuss the God’s Story of Easter With Your Kids

Some Ideas For Christian Parents

Are you looking for some ways to discuss the true meaning of EASTER with your kids? Here are 5 great ways to get the discussion started.

Easter from a Christian perspective is full of meaning, significance, and hope. Easter from our culture’s perspective is full of colored eggs, candy, and chocolate bunnies (and let’s not forget the big, scary, human-sized rabbit that our children are expected to take pictures with.) How do we discuss the significance of the Easter holiday with […]