7 Survival Tips For Your Family Road Trip

(So You Can Keep Your Sanity!)

Here are 7 Survival Tips for Your Next Family Road Trip with the KIDS - These GREAT tips will help you keep your sanity on your next road trip!

Spring Break is upon us and I know many of you are preparing for a family road trip this time of year. Do you remember traveling before kids? It was so easy. I remember how my husband and I would fly to our destination. On our flight we would read a novel, watch a movie, and […]

3 Practical Benefits Of Praying For The World With Your Children

A Spiritual and Educational Way of Praying With Your Children

Do your pray for the world with your children? Learn 3 practical benefits of teaching your CHILDREN to PRAY for the WORLD.

Do you pray for the world with your children? My sweet son brought tears to my eyes the day after the Paris attacks when he said “Mommy, hold on a minute” as we were doing our nightly prayers. He returned with a globe in hand. Then he asked me to point out Paris so we could […]

Why “Mommy and Me” Time Is Critical To Your Child’s Sense of Belonging and Significance

Start Spending Quality Time With Your Kids Each Day

Are you spending quality time each day with your child? Learn why "MOMMY and ME" Time is so critical to your child's sense of BELONGING and SIGNIFICANCE.

Child: “Mommy, come take a look at this!” Mom:”Not right now, I have to finish this up and then I can take a look.” This same dialogue goes on for a few more rounds. (Mom is now frustrated and child is too.) Child: (now screaming, in full on tantrum mode, and throwing his toys on […]

7 Ways To Cultivate A Spirit of Giving in Your Children this Christmas

How To Create A Family Tradition of Giving

Christmas is a wonderful time to start teaching children about giving to others. Read this article for 7 ways to cultivate a spirit of giving in your kids.

Moms, let’s face it, Christmas is a challenging time to be a good parent. We are stressed-out, overscheduled, and there seems like there is little we can do to shield our children from the external influences of the most commercialized season of the year. That’s why Christmas is the perfect time to start teaching children about giving to others. […]