Week 5: Create Your Holiday Bucket List

9 Weeks to a More Organized and Peaceful Christmas

Welcome to Week Five: Create Your Holiday Bucket List in my holiday planning series – 9 Weeks to a More Organized and Peaceful Christmas: How to Prepare for Christmas. This week I have a few projects for you. But the fun one is to create your Holiday Bucket List. After all, planning your holiday bucket list is all about planning for fun! Why not make some time this Thanksgiving week to create your family’s Holiday Bucket List?
Does Christmas planning have you down? Check out this 9-week series to help you get organized for the holidays with a Christmas Planner and so much more. This holiday blog series covers EVERYTHING you need for a peaceful holiday season. Week 5 gives you 30 activity ideas to Create Your Holiday Bucket List.

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If you haven’t already set up your Holiday Binder, go back and check out the post from Week One to get it set up before moving on to today’s post. You can find it here –> Week 1: Create Your Holiday Planning Binder

Create Your Holiday Bucket List

You’ll be using your Holiday Bucket List printable from the 2017 Holiday Planning Pack. Let’s get started.

For this project, grab a piece of blank paper and ask your family members what they’d like to do this holiday season. Write everyone’s holiday bucket list ideas on paper. Spend some time prioritizing your family’s favorites, then add them to your Holiday Bucket List printable.

The idea here isn’t to create undue pressure to an already overscheduled time of year. The reason to create a holiday bucket list is to make sure you are prioritizing and enjoying your family this season. 

Consider it a big win if you only get to do a few things on your list! This is quality time you’ll get to spend with your family during the holidays.

Holiday Bucket List Ideas

Your Holiday Bucket List doesn’t have to be elaborate. Keep it simple and fun. I’ve listed some bucket list ideas on the sample December calendar and checklist in your 2017 Holiday Planning Pack.

I’ve also come up with this list of 30 fun and meaningful activities to inspire you in creating your family’s Holiday Bucket List:

  1. Go ice skating
  2. Drive through town and enjoy the Holiday decorations
  3. Make Christmas cookies
  4. Go sledding
  5. Take a picture with Santa
  6. Make hot cocoa
  7. Go Christmas caroling
  8. Surprise your neighbors with cookies
  9. Take a Christmas train ride
  10.  See a living Nativity scene
  11. Watch a Christmas movie
  12. Send Santa a letter
  13. Celebrate Advent with an Advent calendar
  14. See the Nutcracker ballet
  15. Visit a big City and enjoy the holiday lights
  16. Make homemade gifts
  17. Attend a Christmas tree lighting ceremony
  18. Give handmade gifts to service people
  19. Hand out care kits to the homeless
  20. Read a Christmas story
  21. Wear Christmas pajamas
  22. Light a holiday-scented candle
  23. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater
  24. Donate food or time to a local shelter
  25. Adopt-a-family for Christmas
  26. String popcorn for the tree
  27. Make a Christmas ornament
  28. Build a snowman
  29. Make a Christmas craft
  30. Decorate a gingerbread house

Other Projects This Week: Order Holiday Cards and Finalize Travel Plans

The two other projects this week are to:

  1. Order Your Holiday Cards: It’s time to order your Holiday Cards. You’ll want to order them this week or next so that you have enough time to address and mail your cards. I don’t know about you, but I’m always late for this task. My husband and I have automated this task over time. We now have our list of addresses saved as an Avery label template. We simply update our Avery label list, print them out, and stick the labels on the envelopes. All that’s left to do is add a stamp and our family address label, and they’re ready to mail. Printing out the labels saves us so much time over handwriting the addresses!
  2. Finalize Your Travel Plans: If you are flying, you should also try to finalize your travel plans. You’ll save a lot of money on airfare if you remember to book at least two weeks in advance. This week is also a good time to make hotel reservations if needed.

I hope you have fun creating your family’s Holiday Bucket List! I’d love to hear about your about your family’s favorite holiday activities in the comments section below!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

With Love and Joy,


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