Week 9: Create Your Holiday Plan for Christmas Day

9 Weeks to a More Organized and Peaceful Christmas

Welcome to Week Nine: Create Your Holiday Plan for Christmas Day in my holiday planning series – 9 Weeks to a More Organized and Peaceful Christmas: How to Prepare for Christmas. This is the last week in the holiday series! YOU did it!

Check out this 9-week series to help you get organized for the holidays with a Christmas Planner and so much more. This holiday blog series covers EVERYTHING you need for a peaceful holiday season. In Week 9, you'll come up with a plan for Christmas Day.

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If you haven’t already set up your Holiday Binder, go back and check out the post from Week One to get it set up before moving on to today’s post. You can find it here –> Week 1: Create Your Holiday Planning Binder

Organize Christmas Morning

With Christmas morning, just like most mornings, preparing the night before makes all the difference.

If you missed my post on 7 Easy Ways to Organize Your Christmas Morning, you’ll want to check it out for ways to reduce stress and mess on Christmas morning.

The Night Before Christmas Checklist

To help you with your night before Christmas planning, I put together this quick checklist of things:

  • Charge cameras or other devices.
  • Finish any last minute wrapping.
  • Locate those stocking stuffers so you can easily stuff them in the middle of the night.
  • Read a Christmas Story.
  • Wear Christmas jammies.
  • Prepare a simple meal for breakfast.
  • Finish up your preparation for your holiday dinner.
  • Finally, give yourself grace. If you forgot to do something or didn’t get around to everything on your list. Let. It. Go.

Christmas is not a holiday that’s about getting it all done. So, take a deep breath, look around at your family, and embrace the joy of the day.

Christmas Day: Just One Assignment!

For Christmas Day, I have just one assignment for you: Enjoy your day!

We’ve reached the end of our 9-week journey to a more organized and peaceful Christmas. At this point, you’ve done all there is to do, so relax and celebrate with those you love!

After all, Christmas comes just once a year.

Thank you for joining me for this 9-week holiday series!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I look forward to “seeing” you in the new year!

With Love and Joy,



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