Practical Tips To Help You Choose Your Word of the Year {Free Guide + Printable}

Set Your Intention For An Inspired Year

Are you wondering whether you should choose a word of the year? Choosing a word of the year can be life-changing if you understand how to take action on it. Read on for super practical advice on why and how to choose a word of the year.

Are you wondering whether you should choose a word of the year? Read on for super practical advice on why and how to choose a word of the year. #wordoftheyear

Why You Should Consider Choosing A Word Of The Year

Have you ever chosen a word or a theme for the year?

Choosing a word to guide you for the year seems to be all the rage. But have you ever questioned whether choosing a word really makes a difference?

When I first heard of this concept several years ago, I didn’t really give it much thought.

I did choose a word that year, but that’s all I did. I came up with it and I quickly forgot all about it.

Fast forward a few years and choosing a word or theme for the year has become a central part of my planning process.

What I’ve learned is that having a word or theme is what I would call big picture planning.

Before you get into the nitty-gritty details of planning out your personal growth goals, you must first begin with a vision for your year.

And that’s where the word of the year comes into play. Your word will set your intention for the year. It will help to focus you when you’re feeling uncertain or scattered.

You can think of your word as a filter through which to make decisions.

As you go through setting your goals and making decisions on a daily basis, you can ask yourself whether it fits in with your intention for the year.

You’ll find that this intention helps bring clarity, focus, and direction to your life.

How To Commit To Your Word Of The Year

Choosing a word for your entire year can feel daunting.

It feels like a big commitment. And that’s because it is a big commitment.

The surefire way to change your life is to make a commitment to changing it.

If you find that you are constantly changing your mind about what your word should be, it’s probably because you are not clear on the direction you want for your life.

Of course, life happens. And that means that life’s unpredictable events will eventually take you somewhere you hadn’t envisioned.

But that’s the beauty of staying committed to your word.

As life ebbs and flows, your word stays the same. Your intention for how you are going to present yourself in the world stays the same.

Choosing a word and committing to it will help keep you grounded.

How To Choose A Word Of The Year

Some of the words I’ve chosen over the year are simplify, grow, and focus.

This year, I initially chose a theme – live my values.

But after some consideration and reflection, I’ve decided to commit to just one word – purpose.

Here are 4 practical tips to help you choose your word of the year:

  1. Brain Dump: List out all of the words that come to mind as possibilities for your word of the year. Google “word of the year ideas” for inspiration if you need it.
  2. Ask Why?: Go through each word on your list and ask yourself why this word would be a good choice to guide you next year.
  3. Ask How?: Go through each word again and ask how this word could help shape your year in the way that you want to grow. Think about it through the lens of the 8 personal growth areas of relationships, self-care (mind, body, and soul), money, home life, work life, personal development, community, and passions.
  4. Ask What?: Ask yourself what could be different if you live your life through the lens of this word next year.

Now, that you’ve created your word of the year, place it somewhere you can see every day.

This can be saving it as your desktop on your computer or on your phone.

I’ve created a one-page guide to help you choose your word and a fun printable you can use to write out your word and place somewhere in your home.

You can be as creative as you want with your word.

Request your Choose Your Word-of-the-Year Guide and Printable below:

With Gratitude and Joy,

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